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2024年01月21日Our business was featured in “B-st” released on the 17th.
It was featured in "Bst" released on the 17th. Nowadays, online work has become commonplace. Is it actually possible to make ends meet solely through online work? Are you able to work the way you want? It may still be a side job. We are a women-supporting company where all of our working members are women. The theme of the online course released this time is ``Earn-earning power!'' Women's autonomy, and nurturing as many women as possible who can control themselves and releasing them into society. I would be happy if you could pick it up.
2024年01月01日A Happy New Year 2024
This year2024, hersell aims to be a "strong and flexible" company because it is a women-only company. As client requests become more diverse, we need to maintain a strong organization while providing flexible services! And our members scattered around the world continue to be good-looking women. For example, like in the year-end TV drama "Hisatsu Shigotonin" , the work is beautiful and smooth as a professional. Actually, ever since I was a student, I had been thinking about forming such a group someday. It can come true now! It's still work, work, but it's also boring. We will continue to cherish our connections this year, so we look forward to your continued support.


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