Growing Business Further

In the unexpected covid-19 Disaster, society as a whole has undergone rapid digitalisation, and with it, it seems to have become apparent that there are challenges in various challenges in different aspects to adapt in a digital society.
Bringing the world closer,Growing business further .
Our company has members who live not only in Japan but also overseas. We continue to be a professional group that creates and pursues corporate value in line with the times, always with a global and innovative perspective.
We are always looking to go beyond industries, languages, borders, and the world.
We will continue to strive for the further development of our clients' businesses.
We look forward to continuing to support and give guidance in the future.

ONLINE Service

  • Online Secretary
    Online Secretary
    Online support from executive assistants living in Japan and abroad
  • DXing of human resources
    DXing of human resources
    Online Team Formation & consultation
  • Branding
    Branding Strategy & SNS/Website Management

hersell's Unique Online Business Services

with a stellar track record at home and abroad from our professional executives with proven results to back it up, we can assist in further growing your business. we are the step in the right direction for your business growth.

Hybrid Service

  • Market Research & PR
    Market Research & PR Branding
    Singapore & Southeast Asia Market Research.
    PR & Branding Services
  • VIP Events & Inspection Services
    VIP Events & Inspection Services
    VIP events & Inspection Planning and Arrangement & Accompanying Services
  • Luxury Tour Planning & Accompaniment Services
    Luxury Tour Planning & Accompaniment Services
    The best hospitality and complete tailor-made to make your trip one-of-a-kind, just for you!

heresell's Hybrid Business Services

Experienced Singaporean Business Executive Assistants with extensive business experience in Singapore your company's overseas business expansion, heresell's unique Hybrid x One Stop Solution to help you expand your business overseas.


hersell President BLOG

2024/01/21Our business was featured in “B-st” released on the 17th.
It was featured in "Bst" released on the 17th. Nowadays, online work has become commonplace. Is it actually possible to make ends meet solely through online work? Are you able to work the way you want? It may still be a side job. We are a women-supporting company where all of our working members are women. The theme of the online course released this time is ``Earn-earning power!'' Women's autonomy, and nurturing as many women as possible who can control themselves and releasing them into society. I would be happy if you could pick it up.
2024/01/01A Happy New Year 2024
This year2024, hersell aims to be a "strong and flexible" company because it is a women-only company. As client requests become more diverse, we need to maintain a strong organization while providing flexible services! And our members scattered around the world continue to be good-looking women. For example, like in the year-end TV drama "Hisatsu Shigotonin" , the work is beautiful and smooth as a professional. Actually, ever since I was a student, I had been thinking about forming such a group someday. It can come true now! It's still work, work, but it's also boring. We will continue to cherish our connections this year, so we look forward to your continued support.


hersell's News

2021/11/30Featured in the latest Online Assistant Special – a business matching website that compares the costs and features of more than 200 recruitment agents and business services, mainly from consulting backgrounds – “Comparing the 4 latest online assistants for 2021! Our company was featured in the feature article “What are the recommended secretarial services?

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(link to site)Comparison of the three newest online assistants in [2021]! What are the recommended online secretarial services?


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